Legal Statement

Legal Statement


The material on this website is free of charge and for information only. It does not constitute legal advice in any particular case.

Data Protection

This website permits members of the public to contact a particular barrister. It does not collect data in any form.


The content of these web pages is protected by copyright; they may not be copied, in whole or in part. Where there are links to other documents, any original copyright continues to apply; permission has been sought, and given, for access to already published texts.


Austen Morgan provides an excellent level of service. Any dissatisfaction may be discussed with his senior clerk. Complaint may be made, if necessary, to his head of chambers.

Professional and lay clients also have recourse subsequently to the statutory regulators: the legal ombudsman in England and Wales; and, in Northern Ireland, the bar council.

Barrister and Chambers

All barristers in chambers are self-employed. This website relates entirely to Austen Morgan. The chambers at 33 Bedford Row has no legal form, and its website – – is an online service on behalf of all members.

Legal Writing

The page on legal writing contains links to texts dealing with UK constitutional law. These are governed by scholarly protocols. They do not purport to be strict legal advice, readily applicable to any set of circumstances.