Legal Writing

Legal Writing

The Belfast Agreement: a practical legal analysis

[London, 2000]

The Hand of History?: legal essays on the Belfast Agreement

[London, 2011]

Tony Blair and the IRA: the ‘on the runs’ scandal

[London, 2016]


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‘The Northern Ireland (Location of Victims’ Remains) Act 1999; amnesty, immunity or what?’

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‘Northern Ireland terrorism: the legal response’

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‘Arguments for a UK Bill of Rights and Responsibilities’

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(With Others) ‘Mutual Interest: how the UK and EU can resolve the Irish border issue after Brexit’

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Technical Note regarding the above

(With Veronica Hewson) ‘A Hard Question: managing the Irish border through Brexit’

[2017] 20(1) IJEL

‘When to Recuse and When Not’

Commonwealth Lawyer, December 2017


Law Statutes

Northern Ireland (Location of Victims’ Remains) Act 1999

Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000

Justice (Northern Ireland) Act 2002

Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2003

Northern Ireland (Monitoring Commission etc.) Act 2003

Justice (Northern Ireland) Act 2004

Constitutional Reform Act 2005

Inquiries Act 2005

Northern Ireland Act 2006

Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006

Northern Ireland (St Andrews Agreement) Act 2006

Northern Ireland (St Andrews Agreement) Act 2007

Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Act 2007

Northern Ireland Act 2009

Equality Act 2010

Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010

European Union Act 2011

Law Statutes

UK Insight

Interpretation of convention rights – Human Rights Act 1998

(25 September 2018)

Religious freedom: Human Rights

(4 September 2018)

Right to respect for private and family life: Immigration

(26 September 2018)

ECHR: duty to undertake effective investigation

(1 October 2018)

UK Insight


The Queen’s Speech 2015

[11 June 2015]



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… (amended version)

‘This Undignified Human Rights Wake is Futile’

News Letter (Belfast), 17 September 2010

‘The New Laws We Need’

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‘The human rights act and a question of legitimacy’

The Justice Gap, 6 May 2015

‘A constitutional crisis with precedents from the past as well as fresh uncertainties’

Belfast Telegraph, 10 January 2017

‘Why Gerry Adams is wrong on the Belfast agreement’

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‘Election was followed by loose talk of nationalism winning’

News Letter (Belfast), 17 March 2017

‘Key questions that arise from judge’s unprecedented withdrawal in Loughinisland case’

News Letter (Belfast), 31 January 2018