I have instructed Austen in a very contentious partnership dispute since 2010. I have had frequent contact with Austen, personally, by written communications and telephone. Austen immediately got to grips with a complex series of facts, saw the immediate and long-term essentials of the case. I have never doubted that Austen has at all times been aware of the need to assess the central issues in the case and to ensure that practically the need to keep the parties focused on those issues and not let the defendant in particular try to divert attention away from them. To do this needed considerable strength of character when the defendant and his advisers tried to persuade the tribunal to be side tracked into irrelevant issues All written expression has been admirably clear. My exposure to Austen’s advocacy [in] a significant number of interlocutory applications both in court and in arbitration proceedings has always indicated that he is able to put his case across clearly and fluently. Very sound in conference. The fact that the matter on which Austen is instructed has been protracted over 7 years during which time Austen has never lost enthusiasm demonstrates his commitment and perseverance

Stevenage solicitor, November 2017

I approached Dr Austen Morgan as a litigant in person having been advised by a DDJ after successfully defending a statutory demand and a summary judgement. I spent a considerable amount of time exploring the internet looking for a direct access barrister that I felt I could work with; Austen’s track record impressed me. I contacted his clerk, Mike, at 33 Bedford Row and arranged an initial consultation. I went along with all of my bundles of evidence and I was impressed with the depth of my interrogation which seemed to last for hours. Austen after deliberation accepted my case. His commitment to detail and strong confrontation used to test me prior to a court appearance, has been invaluable. Having now observed Austen in a court appearance on my behalf I feel confident that his skill and attention to detail will prove the day. The support team are very helpful and are keeping me informed all the way. I will highly recommend Austen and his chambers to my business contacts and friends for cases of very high complexity.

Kent businessman, May 2018

I am a Safeguarding Solicitor working for a London based authority who worked closely with Mr Morgan on a complex care and adoption appeal case involving historical sexual abuse and mental health concerns. Mr Morgan carefully considered the extensive papers having not been involved within the original care proceedings and discussed with me on several occasions, at length, on the appropriate way forward for my client department and I. Mr Morgan then represented the Authority over various hearings, culminating in a 5 day final hearing. The Local Authority maintained their original orders with the commitment and dedication provided by Mr Morgan.

London Borough, January 2018